Miakira Beginnings

GCCF / Tica Registered prefix
based just North of London in Essex & Herts, England

 Hello, my name is Tracey and I started showing Pedigree Chinchilla Persians cats at GCCF shows.  At the Supreme cat show in Birmigham i met Sue (Tyggytykes) who was importing the first Siberian cats into England from Russia.  I was aware of the Siberian cat breed as I'd always wante4d to own one, however as there were no siberian cat breeders in Britain I never thought I would own one...  Sue was very supportive giving me advise on how to import Siberians into the country so I left that Supreme show determined to make my dream of owning a Siberian cat come true,  At this time cats imported from Russia had to go into quarentine for 6 months which with the cost of purchasing and flying the cat into England was a considerable investment.  I googled every Russian breeder on the internet looking at lots of siberian kitten pictures and emailing the siberian cat breeders if they would export their kitten to England.  Not many Russian breeders wanted their pedigree kittens to be put into quarentine so it took many months before I finally found my 3 Russian Siberian kittens Matvey, Nikol and Odyssey. 

As there were so few Russian breeders allowing their kittens to travel to England I searched the internet checking out all the Siberian breeders throughout the world.  I found my next beautiful pedigree Siberian kittens in Germany, Irma and Maya..  Irma and Maya travelled to France where they stayed with relatives on pets passport until they were allowed into Britain.  Irma and Maya's German breeder stopped breeding shortly after Irma and Maya reached France so their pedigree's are unique in England.
I purchased another Siberian kitten, Chiara from Germany, who travelled via ferry with her breeder to my home in England.

My Siberian cat show and breeding family was now nearly complete, it just needed a brown tabby traditional coloured kitten to ensure the original coloured Siberian cat could continue in England.  Sue contacted me and I travelled to her home in Tintagel, Devon to collect Evie.  On arriving at Sue's, my lap was immedietely invaded by a beautiful big blue tabby male kitten called Evo.  Evo stayed on my lap the whole of my visit chirruping away to me and when i tried to move him so I could play with Evie his sister, Evo was having none of it :)  My heart melted and although having a brother and sister in a breeding program was not ideal and would cause me birth defects if the two ever accidently  mated.  I could not leave Evo behind and so Evo and Evie went with us to the hotel that night and 13 years later they are still with me. 

On my gallery page you will see my cattery Kevan had to quickly build to ensure Evie and Evo never mated but could still see each other and live next to each other.  It took me over a year before all my pedigree siberian cats were together at my home in England and then I had to put them through many tests to ensure all were healthy, PKD etc free before I could begin my breeding program.  My first Miakira pedigree siberian litter of kittens were amazing and very colourful as to ensure the siberian breed was truly represented in Britain, my foundation cats were of different colours thus also ensuring the pedigrees were as diverse and healthy as possible..

Having so many different colours I have learnt so many genetic colour combinations over the years that it is easy now for me to know roughly what colours two parents will produce and yet even after all these years of breeding it is still facinating to have the random gene appear.

I have had many people ask why I am not part of the siberian cat club.  Being the fourth breeder to bring siberians into England i did originally join both the siberian cat clubs and from my chinchilla persian showing and breeding days I am still a member of many other GCCF cat clubs but due to a falling out of the two club chairpersons I declined to follow their new rule of choosing sides and only being allowed to be a member of one of the clubs.  It was disapointing for myself and other original siberian breeders to be put in such a position as I would have liked to continue with the clubs to help promote the siberian breed.  I continue now with some of the semi long haired general cat clubs to ensure all pedigree cat breeding and showing enhance the health and welfare of the cat breeds.

 I hope you enjoy my website.  Visit my kitten page to see regular updated pictures of my siberian kittens. I plan to breed both Siberian cats in self & non-self colours, agouti & non-agouti and Neva Masquerades (colourpoint siberian cats).   

Thank you Derek & Kay for doing a wonderful job of caring for my cats during their stay in quarantine (4-in-hand) & I'd like to thank Iise from the Holly Hobbits cattery for keeping Holly Hobbit Chiara Camilla on pets passport for me   

Pedigree Siberian Cats
Hobby show cat breeder who occassionally has pedigree siberian kittens for sell to the right loving forever home

The Miakira Story