My siberian kittens for sale are bred for quality, type and temperament.
My main objective is the welfare of my cats and, by selective breeding, to produce kittens that enhance and better the breed.
I aim to produce well-socialized, affectionate, healthy kittens who grow into healthy happy cats.  

Siberian cats are a medium to large semi-long haired cat. 

Siberian cats have bags of personality, they have a dog like temperament and are very affectionate. 
Siberian kittens are the social butterflies of the cat world, they love to greet everyone and are never shy.  They are intelligent & quick to learn.  They are easily trained to walk on a lead and to play fetch.  Siberian cats are fascinated with water and can often be found playing in sinks or curled up asleep in them.  They have a loud purr and make a chirruping sound when they greet you.  Siberian cats make an excellent companion and an ideal lap cap.  They do not require much grooming and have a harsh waterproof top coat. They can live quite happily as an out-door cat or as an indoor cat however as an indoor cat they will need a lot of toys & stimulation. Siberian kittens are very energetic  and playful.