Miakira Pedigree Siberian Kittens 
Click on a picture below to see the full pcture and read teh description of coat colour for examples of previous Miakira Pedigree siberian kittens.

The Siberian kitten is a semi-long haired large cat breed and is never shy and retiring in nature.  The siberian cat is energetic, is very good with children and other pets.  The siberian cat loves attention and is happy to keep you entertained as long as your attention lasts.  The siberian cat loves water.  Many of mine will get in the shower with me or jump in the bath so I have to keep an eye out when running hot water.  Many of my siberian cats will chirrup away to me when I'm in the kitchen until i turn the tap on for them to drink from.  siberian cats are easily trained to walk on a lead and will happily play fetch.  The Siberian cat is very intelligent and can learn tricks such as high five and standing on their hind paws etc. 
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