Hi Tracey, 
Just to let you know we have booked little Ziggi in to be spayed next Thursday. The vet said they will print me a certificate which I will then forward to you either by post or scanned and emailed. (Which would you prefer?)..breaks my heart knowing what he will be going through though we know it's for the best.
He is SUCH an affectionate, beautiful and cheeky kitten. He follows us everywhere, always up for play and I swear he thinks he can talk! He has his own instagram account with over 250 other cat folowers: address ziggi_the_cat   (If you want to follow him).
He is very much loved, so spoilt and knows his place as top dog (cat!) in the family. Has a funny relationship with Marley (black cat next door)..he miaows for Ziggi at the window ( I attached a pic) tho zig was not impressed had his ears back..they are so funny.
Hi Tracey,

How are you? I hope all is well. I've been meaning to let you know but Lola is now on Instagram!

Her name is @lola_the_siberian

Hi Tracey,

The boys are settling in well, Stussy is a little shy still but coming around. We’ve set up an Instagram account , here’s the link  

     http://instagram.com/stussyricky .

They’re so lovely.