Niiko & Kiiri
Niiko (cream & white male siberian cat) left the Miakira household to live with his new owner Nisha and being a typical confident siberian kitten he loved being the centre of attention and spoilt rotten. This year 2016 Nisha brought another siberian kitten from me, a beautiful tortie female Kiiri.  Within hours of meeting they were firm friends as you'll see in this video.  This video shows to you what people have told me previously that Miakira Siberian cats  recognise they are related. 

2nd clip is of Eric & Wiggo who are owned by Charlotte & Frankie.
Hi Tracey

I hope you're well! I was telling a friend about Eric and Wiggo the other day because she's interested in getting a Siberian and I realised its been a long time since I gave you an update on our beautiful boys! We love them SO MUCH. I have never met a cat like Wiggo who gives us such a lot of love and demands a lot of love in return - he is an absolute sweetheart. And Eric is a beauty who is also incredibly loving in his own way and a real character and very chatty. Both boys make us laugh every day and we are besotted with them. We can't thank you enough for breeding such gorgeous cats - here are some pics of them ...
Best wishes to you and your family
Charlotte X

Ps they have caught so many mice!! And insist on bringing them into the house - sometime alive. And the other day Eric brought a live rat into the house - luckily he didn't drop it and just ran around the sitting room with the rat in his mouth and then took it back into the garden where poor Frankie had to kill it. It was all very dramatic!

3rd video clip is of Lola's 1st xmas with  owner Anna. 

Hi Tracey,

I'm well thanks. Yep, she's just as adorable as she was when she was tiny. She makes me laugh everyday with her craziness! 
Everyone who meets her falls in love and comments on how beautiful she is. She really is like a little dog in her personality! Following me everywhere, talking to me all the time, playing fetch and her crazy energy spurts! 
I hope all is well with you too : 

4th clip is of Pepper  learning tricks with  owner Ryan. 

Hi Tracey,

Pepper actually picked up the training pretty quick. I wish I had more time so I could do lie-down and rollover. Haha. I do it through a clipper. Where ever I am in the house or outside I hit it and she comes to me straight the way. Its my little party trick! I have attached a video to the email but this was when she was learning so I need to do a new one. She gives paw for everything now.