Mc Gonagall's Irma La Douce- ' Irma' 25/06/03  
Neva Masquerade Seal Tabby Point
Sire: Int Ch Arian du Palais Monplaisir - Dam: Ch Nadejda v Nochi Velikiy Ohotnik
Born in Germany, brought up in Paris on pets passport and now living in England Irma's personality has not changed she is gentle, loving and very 'soft'.  This siberian cat loves limelight & at cat shows she proudly walks on a lead letting everyone know she's around and likes to get as many people to stroke her by chirruping loudly as they pass 
McGonagall's Femme Fatale-'Maya' 23/03/03   Black Classic Torbie & White (carry's Neva Masquerade)
Sire: Int Ch Arian du Palais Monplaisir - Dam: Ch Yasmina von der Gronau
An irresistible siberian German lady who'll lead any man into danger.  Maya is a wonderful, protective mother who had her babies without help from me and she also helped her half sister Irma deliver & nurse her kittens
Nickol Dauria Blue Tortie Smoke 'Nickol'  05/12/2003 (No Neva Masquerade)
Sire: World Ch Miron Rusich - Dam: Ch Kleopatra Dauria
imported from Russia & Stayed in quarantine for 6 months.  Nickol is a very sweet independent siberian cat who has turned out to be a wonderful mother .
Holly Hobbits Chiara Camilla-'Chiara' 11/05/04   Black Mc Torbie & White (No Neva Masquerade)
Sire: Ch Spirit of New Heaven's Hemingway - Dam: Ch Isabella Von Mufasa
This big beautiful siberian german lady would melt anyones heart.  Chiara is gentle & loving and never has a bad word to say about anyone.